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Dog Bite Claims in San Antonio

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Troy A. Brookover has extensive knowledge about injuries involving dog bites and animal attacks. He understands that most attacks involve dogs belonging to relatives, neighbors, and friends. We address each case confidentially, and communicate with the owner’s insurance agent to obtain fair and full compensation for your injuries.

Through his considerate negotiation practices, settlements can be reached without causing strain or damage to your relationships. In most cases, the party’s homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the damages, leaving little financial obligation or impact to the owner.

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Dog Bite Injuries

If you have been bit by dog, you may sustain a variety of injuries. Some more severe than others that may require medical attention and legal help. Some examples include:

  • Deep cuts/lacerations
  • Fractures/broken bones
  • Soft tissue injuries such as tearing tendons, muscles, ligaments
  • Scarring that requires surgery
  • Emotional trauma
  • Death

What to Do After a Dog Bite

After a dog bite, it is important to follow a few steps to retain your legal rights. Of utmost concern should be your personal medical treatment and safety, but identifying the dog that caused your injuries is important as well. If the animal cannot be identified, your right to medical or personal compensation could be jeopardized. Obtaining compensation for medical or personal expenses from a negligent owner depends on this rightful identification.

In addition to identifying the dog that caused your injuries, it is important to get in contact with a skilled attorney. A San Antonio dog bite injury lawyer who is experienced with these particular cases can offer insight regarding the potential value of your claim and how to go about pursuing compensation for your medical care, lost earnings, emotional trauma, and other losses.

At the Law Offices of Troy A. Brookover, we represent dog bite victims in Bexar County and across Texas. We recognize the severe nature of these claims and fight to protect our clients’ right to compensation, as this may be their only opportunity at rebuilding their lives.

Texas One Bite Rule

After being bitten by a dog in Texas, you are not automatically afforded the ability to file a strong, valid claim against the dog’s owner. The state’s “one bite rule” places an evidential burden on you, the plaintiff, to prove that the dog’s owner was negligent in the handling of their dog or should have known that the dog would likely attack someone due to its history of aggression. To this end, if you were bitten by an otherwise docile dog that had never attacked anyone in the past, then you might have a difficult time seeking compensation for your injuries, making it even more important to get the assistance of a dog bit attorney.

The breed of a dog does not necessarily change Texas’s lenient one bite rule, either. While you might assume that a pit bull or rottweiler could be prone to aggressive behavior, the court will not. There needs to be more than just a dog’s breed to make a compelling argument in your claim.

What Qualifies as a San Antonio Dog Bite Case?

For example, if you were outside and someone’s dog attacked and bit you, you could potentially have a San Antonio dog bite claim. According to Texas law, if an individual knows their dog is liable to attack others and fails to secure the dog, they could face negligence and legal action.

Can Trespassers Sue for a Dog Bite?

Trespassers do not inherently lose the right to file a dog bite claim against a dog owner just because they were uninvited at the time of the animal attack. However, trespassers do have a much steeper legal hill to climb to make their claim and convince an insurance representative or judge and jury that they are deserving of compensation. Namely, the defendant can argue that they had no chance to control their dog before the bite occurred because they did not know you were on their property. Without an opportunity to intervene, there is no negligence on their part.

How a Dog Bite Attorney Can Help

At the Law Offices of Troy A. Brookover, we provide effective representation for dog bite victims in the San Antonio area and across Bexar County and the surrounding areas in Texas. As a result of our competent legal representation, numerous individuals have had successful results for:

  • Emotional distress
  • Physical scarring or disfigurement
  • Pain
  • Lost wages
  • Medical treatment

You can rest assured that Attorney Troy A. Brookover has the experience necessary to aggressively fight for justice on your behalf.

To get started, call our dog bite lawyer in San Antonio today at 210-226-2000 to schedule a free case evaluation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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